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Thursday, 3 December 2020

Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) Examination Paper -2020

           Based on the memory of students,  those who have appeared  Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Examinations paper-2020, below are questions which had been asked in  ICAR-JRF examinations paper-2020.  Answers are highlighted  in Red color 

Fisheries and Aquaculture questions 

ICAR- Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) Examination Paper -2020

1. Skill can be effectively acquired by

a. Lecture b. Method demonstration c. Community d. Listening

 2. Catch curve is used to estuarine

a. Natural mortality b. Total mortality c. Optimum catch d. Optimum recruits

 3. During freezing of fish the maximum ice crystal formation zone lies between

a. -5*C to -1*C

b. -1*C to -5*C

c. -55*C to -60*C

d. -6*C to -10*C

 4. Which Indian state has minimum coastal length?

a. Goa b. Odisha c. Tamil Nadu d. Karnataka

 5. The common name used for the fish Heteroneustus fossilis is

         a. Magur b. Butter catfish c. Singhi d. Featherback

6. The variance ratio test is otherwise called

         a. F-test b. t-test c. Z- test d. Chi square test

 7. The wavelength of light that is least absorbed by the ocean is

        a. Red b. Blue c. yellow d. Green

 8. Match the list 1 and list 2

List 1                                       List 2

A. Fish                                        1. Lactoferrin

B. poultry egg                            2. Lysozyme

C. Cows milk                             3. Eugenol

D. Clove                                      4. Conalbumin

      Correct answer is -

               = A - 2 , B - 4 , C - 1 , D - 3


9. Which of the following is not used in the induced breeding of IMC

          a. Ovatide b. Ovaprim c. Methyl testosterone d. WOVA-FH

 10. Single largest fish species which supports fishery along the coast of Peru is

a. Theragra chalcogramma

b. Engraulis ringens

c. Clupea harengus

d. Katsuwonus pelamis

11. In the natural collection of IMC seed from rivers the following net was popularly used –

                a. Cast net b. Drag net c. Shooting net d. Purse seine net

 12. The coloured feathers or fibres which are used for attracting the fishes are called

                      a. Jigs b. Live baits c. Artificial baits d. Lures

 13. Demand is said to be perfectly inelastic when elasticity of demand is –

               a. Infinite b. +1 c. -1 d. Zero

 14. Mantis shrimp belong to

    a. Decapoda (crustacea) b. Mysida c. Isopoda d. Stomatopoda

 15. Cryopreservation is used for the preservation of

           a. Fish eggs b. Fish milt c. Fish embryos d. Both fish egg and milt

 16. The method suited for enumerating the presence of low numbers of microorganisms in food is

a. MPN method b. Spread plate method c. Pour plate method d. Dye reduction method

17. The instrument used to record the speed of the vessel based on the acoustic principles is

               a. Auto pilot b. Chromometers c. Doppler logs d. Patent logs

 18. Which of the following takes the value from -1 to 1

a. Correlation co-efficient

b. regression co-efficient

c. Probability

d. Fisher & Yates coefficient

19. The best raw material for construction of cold storage is

          a. Steel b. Cement concrete c. Polyurethane foam panels  d. Iron

                                                                                                                               Fisheries and Aquaculture questions (MCQ)

 20. The co-efficient of skewness for a normal distribution is

           a. +1 b. -1 c. 3 d. 0  


21. Match the list 


A. Yellowhead virus

1. Scampi

B. Myxosoma cerebralis

2. Murrels

C. Whitetail disease

3. Tiger shrimp

D. Epizootic ulcerative disease

4. Trouts

Correct answer is –

= A – 3 , B – 4 , C – 1 , D – 2


22. Which river originates from the Deolali hills in Triambakeswar near Nasik

a. The River Godavari

b. The River Mahanadi

c. The River Krishna

d. The River Narmada


23. Which of the following hormones is secreted by the pineal gland in fishes

a. Melatonin b. Calcitonin c. Gonadotropin d. oxytocin 

24. Weberian ossicles a chain of bony pieces present in a number of teleosts connect the internal ear with

a. Swim bladder b. intestine c. Kidney d. pancreas  

25. Best live feed for carp spawn in the nurseries is

                a. Rotifers b. diatoms c. spirulina d. dinoflagellates

26. Number of larval stages in the freshwater prawn M.rosenbergii is

                        a. 11 b. 3 c. 6 d. 9

27. Best live feed for the larvae of M. rosenbergii is

a. Copepods b. Artemia nauplii c. Diatoms d. cladocerans

28. Interrupted lateral line & a single nostril on each side of the snout are the characteristics of which of the following family

a. Nandidae b. Cichlidae c. Carangidae d. Mullidae


29. The plankton that is associated with brackish water is

a. heleoplankton b. hypalmyroplankton c. phytoplankton d. halioplankton


30. The toxic component Gossypol is usually present in

a. Cotton seeds b. soybeans c. mustard seeds d. ground nut seeds  

31. In yarn numbering system which is the most commonly used system for denoting the size of the yarn

a. Dennier system

b. Tex system

c. Metric system

d. Number system

32. The study of the toxic effects of pollutants is called

a. Biology b. Biochemistry c. histology d. bioassay

33. Beverton & Holts fish stock recruitment model suggests that the relationship between parent stock and recruitment is

    a. positive linear b. negative linear c. bell shape d. asymptote


34. The double seam of a can is characterised by

a. 1 layers b. 2 layers c. 5 layers d. 3 layers

35. Which of the following convention is also called UNCLOS 3

a. 1982 convention b. Bonn convention c. Ramsar convention d. Washington convention  


36. Given below 2 statements

           Statement 1 : Freshwater teleosts operate hyperosmotically to their surrounding medium

         Statement 2 : Freshwater teleosts produce a large quality of dilute urine to remove excess water

a. Both statement 1 and 2 are correct

b. Both statement 1 and 2 are incorrect

c. Statement 1 is correct but statement 2 is incorrect

d. Statement 1 is incorrect but statement 2 is correct

 37. Fish catch certificate in India is issued by

a. ICAR-CMFRI b. Fish survey of India c. MPEDA d. Export Inspection Council

 38. The presence of Staphylococcus aureus in processed seafood is an indication of which of the following

 a. Faecal contamination b. Personal hygiene c. Discolouration d. Black spot formation

 39. A taxon which is evaluated against the criteria in IUCN Red list but does not qualify forother categories in the list is known as

a. Near threatened b. Vulnerable c. Least concern d. CE


40. PRA stands for – Partcipatory Rural Appraisal


41. Match list 1 and list 2 List



A. Giant clams

1. Nuculidae

B. Surf clams

2. Veneridae

C. Giant clams

3. Donacidae

D. Nut clams

4. Tridacnidae

Correct answer –

= A- 4 , B – 3 , C- 2 , D- 1

    Fisheries and Aquaculture questions 

42. As per the ICMSF standards the set limit for TPC in fresh and frozen fish is

a. 107 cfu/g

b. 109 cfu/g

c. Nil

d. 102 cfu/g



43. In India fisheries within territorial waters is a

a. Union subject b. Concurrent subject c. State subject. d. International subject


44. In the pellet feed manufacture the following temperature is ideal to heat the feed mixture in the mill

 a) 100-150 F

 b) 160-185 F

 c)    200-250 F

 d) 50-100 F       


45. In feeds stored in an unhygienic way for long period Aflatoxin are produced by--------Aspergillus sp.


46. The scientific name Little Tuna----Euthynnus affinis


47. Acid rain causes the emission of

a. CO2 & SO2

b. SO2 & carbon monoxide

c. sulphur dioxide & nitrogen dioxide

d. SO2 & nitrous oxide


48. The deepest trench in Indian ocean is-------Java trench


49. Which among the following is NOT a greenhouse gas a. CO2 b. CH3 c. CO d. O3

 50. Ram ventilation is well noticed in ---- fast swimming pelagic fishes

51. 1st step in extension teaching is ---- Attention

52. Induced breeding of IMC was achieved for the first time in India by ---- H. Choudhary & A.H. Alikunhi

53. Estuarine organisms are generally -mixohaline

54. Which state has the maximum area of Indian mangrove forests.

a. Odisha b. WB c. Gujarat d. Tamil Nadu

55. Which of the following is an indigenous cold water fish

     a. rainbow trout b. Brown trout c. Snow trout d. brook trout

56. The device used to prevent twisting and kinking of lines is called

a. Thimble b. Shackle c. Hooks d. Swivel

57. An approach in which gene expression (mRNA) is analysed in a biological sample at a given time under specific condition is referred to as

a. Proteomics b. Metabolomics c. Transcriptomics d. Nutrigenomics

58. The proportion of soap : oil in the emulsion used for control of aquatic insects in carp nurseries is --- 1:3

59. Virtual population of fish denotes

a. Virgin population b. absolute population c. maximum sustainable population d. Exploited population

60. The regulatory protein which controls muscle contraction & relaxation through its interaction with calcium is ----- Troponin

                                                          Fisheries and Aquaculture questions 

61. Which of the following gear is used for frog fishery

a. Traps b. trawlers c. Dredges d. shooting

 62. The end product of nitrification is ---- Nitrate

63. Which region of the Indian coast produces the maximum catch of non-penaeid shrimps ---- Northwest coast

64. The organisms found attached over the surface over the surface of vegetation is called as ---- Periphyton

65. Whirling disease in fish is caused by ---- Mixosoma cerebralis

66. The pituitary gland of which of the following fish were successfully used for induced breeding of IMC

a. Mullets b. Feather backs c. Seabass d. Marine cat fish

67. Dropsy in fish is caused by ----- Bacteria

68. Rapid increase in density with depth is called --- Pycnocline

69. The motility of bacteria is observed by

a. Gram staining

b. Simple staining

c. negative staining

d. Hanging drop technique

70. One nautical mile is equal to how many km --- 1.852 kms 

71. Match list


A. Ends of a normal can

1. Bacillus stearothermophilus

B. Flat sour

2. Clostridium botulinum

C. Neurolytic toxin

3. Bigelow

D. General method of process calculation

4.Concave or flat

 Correct answer

         A – 4 , B – 1 , C – 2 , D – 3

 72. Harpadon nehereus forms a major single species along coast of ----- Northwest


73. Tariff is a --- A tax levied on imported goods

                74. The estimated reservoir area available in the country which can be used for fish culture is ---- 3.15 m.ha

75.  List 1

List 2

A. Macrobrachium rosenbergii.

1. Exotic fish

B. Oreochromis niloticus

2. White leg shrimp

C. Litopenaeus vannamei

3. Scampy

D.  Anabas testudineus,

4. Climbing perch


Correct answer

= A – 3 , B – 1 , C – 2 , D – 4



76. The carcinogenic present in smokedfish is ---- 3 – 4 benzopyrene


77. Salvenia is a --- floating weed


78. A user can get files from another computer on the internet by using ---- FTP

79. In the manufacture of floating extruded feeds which of the following conditions are required

 a. High pressure, a. High pressure, a. High pressure,

b. High moisture, high temperature & low pressure

c. High temperature, high pressure & high moisture

d. Low pressure, high temperature & low moisture

80. The bacterium associated with the Kanagawa phenomenon is ----- Vibrio parahaemolyticus


81. The paints are used where the vessel area is subjected to corrosion both by water and air is called ------Boat topping


82. An approach to biological classification of fishes based  on phylogenetic relationship is known as --- Cladistics

 83. The ectoparasite Lernaea sp. is commonly called --- Anchor worm

 84. White spot syndrome virus has been more prevalent in which one of the following species ---- Tiger Shrimp

 85. The full form of ERNET is --- Education & Research Network

 86. Which one of the following fish can be cultured both in brackish water & fresh water

a. Catla b. Catfish c. Common carp d. Seabass

87. Ashtamudi lake is well known for its rich fishery resources of ---- Clams


88. Which of the following practice is desirable in the culture of the IMC in grow out ponds

a. Fertilization & Feeding

b. Liming & Feeding

c. Liming , fertilization & feeding

d. Liming & fertilization

                     ICAR- Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) Examination Paper -2020

89. E. coli colonies grown in Eosine methylene blue agar appear as ----- greenish metallic sheen

91. Hardness is imparted to water mainly due to the presence of ------ Divalent cations

92. The mineral which is required for the metabolism of Vitamin A ----- Zinc

90. Which among the following is NOT a tributary of the Brahmaputra River system

a. Dihang

 93. Which among the following fishery management practice is NOT in vogue in India

a. Mesh size regulation b. Closed area c. Closed season d. Quota system

94. A market which has only one buyer is known as ---------- Monopsony market

95. After eutrophication a lake becomes ---- Dystrophic

96. Which one of the following has been successfully cultured in cages in coastal waters of India in recent years

a. Salmon b. Seabream c. Cobia d. Pearlspot

97. Two halves of typical bivalve shell are held dorsally by ------- Hinge ligament

98. Tiger shrimp normally attains maturity in --- 10 – 12 months

99. The process of using microorganism to reduce pollution through the biological degradation of pollutants into the non – toxic substance is called as ------ Bioremediation

100. The saxitoxin is associated with ---- PSP

101. Gonadal maturation of tiger shrimp can be enhanced by removal of ---- Eye stalk

102. Which of the following is an androgen

a. Estrdiol b. 17 alpha methyl testosterone c. Dopamine d. HCG

103. A copulatory organ present in elasmobranchs ----- Myxopterygium

104. The portion of the net mouth in between the two wings is called ----- The bosom

105. The radiaton dose used under radappertisation process to prolong the shelf life of the product is ---- 30 – 40 kGy

106. Arrange the following in sequence of blood entering & leaving the fish heart

a. Bulbus arteriosus b. Sinus venosus c. Ventricle d. Atrium

Correct answer = b – d – c – a

 107. BOD is a measure of ---- Organic pollution

108. The toxic ingredient present in the Mahua oil cake is ---- Saponin

109. The square mesh cod end is suggested in trawl net fishing gear for ------ The escape of juveline fish

110. In polyculture of carps the maximum production per unit area was achieved by research institutions with the following species combination --------

Catla:Rohu:Mrigal:Common carp:Silver carp:Grass carp

111. Match list

A. PSP            a. Procentrum

B. DSP            b. Alexandrium

C. NSP            c. Nitschia

D. ASP            d. Gymnodinium

Correct answer

= A – 2 , B – 1 , C – 4 , D – 3

112. Which of the following is aimed at equipping the rural youth who are below the poverty line with necessary skills , technology & training to take up self employment


113. Given below are two statements

Statement 1 : Foods of low water activity stored in high RH environment leads to transfer of water from the environment to the food thereby increasing in water activity of food .

Statement 2 : Foods with high water activity when stored in low RH environment loose moisture & become unfit for consumption due to loss of quality

Correct answer is --- Both statement 1 & 2 are true

114. In fish population dynamics t-zero one of the growth paramters of VBGF is defined as ----- Initial condition factor

115. The spread of new idea into social system is called

a. Innovation b. Diffusion c. Modification d. Communication

116. The chief saturated fatty acid present in fish oil is ------Palmitic acid

117. Blowhole  present in aquatic mammals helps in-----Echolocation

118. The Dun spoilage in salted & dried fish is caused by  by growth & survival of which one of the following

a. Halophiles b. Molds c. Yeasts d. Protozoans



119. Identify the best combination of feed ingredients for  the production of coast – effective diets for farming of IMC in semi – intestine pond based aquaculture

a. Fish meal , ground nut cake , tapioca flour a. Fish meal , ground nut cake , tapioca flour a. Fish meal , ground nut cake , tapioca flour

b. Soybean cake , Tapioca flour , rice bran , vitamin and mineral mix , sardine oil


c. Fish meal , soybean cake , ground nut cake , rice c. Fish meal , soybean cake , ground nut

d. Ground nut cake , soybean oil , fish meal , wheat bran and vitamin and mineral mix

120. Which of the following is a group contact method

a. Newspaper b. Interview c. Farm visit d. Field trip

                           ICAR- Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) Examination Paper -2020


              Fisheries and Aquaculture questions, ICAR-Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) Examination Paper -2020 

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