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Monday 10 August 2020

Objective Questions of Fisheries Science for JRF/SRF/NET/ARS Examination | ICAR-JRF/SRF/NET/ARS Examination Objective Questions |


Aquaculture and Fisheries Science Objective Questions for JRF/SRF/NET/ARS Examination

Aquaculture and Fisheries Science Objective Questions for JRF/SRF/NET/ARS Examination


   Multiple Choice Questions in Aquaculture and Fisheries   Science for JRF/SRF/NET/ARS Exams

1.     Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) Mission launched on


(A) May 2014

(B) June 2015

(C) July 2015

(D) Nov-2016

 2.     S.N of  Humpback salmon is

A) O. gorbuscha

B) O. kisutch

C) O. tshawytscha

D)     O.keta

 3. Which the body regulates the minimum support price in India?


B) The Agriculture Ministry

C) Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices

D) Finance Commission

 4. Type of fertilizer  suitable for water-logged soil is

         A) Potassium Nitrate

         B) Ammonium Sulphate

        C) Calcium

         D) Zinc Phosphate

     5.   RAPD marker is

       A) Co-dominant       

        B) Recessive marker

        C) Polymorphic marker

       D) Dominant

 6. World Fish Migration Day (WFMD) will be celebrated on

        A)  24 Octo 2020.

        B) 22 Aug 2020.

        C) 4 Sep  2020.

       D) 2 July 2020.

 7. Ampullae of Lorenzini is present in

        A) Sharks          

        B) Rays           

        C)  Chimaeras           

        D) All the above

8. Which is the following gene is mostly used for molecular taxonomy in fish.

        A) 12S

       B) 16S

       C) COI

      D) mtDNA

9.  Emphysymatous putrefactive disease is caused by – edevarsiella tarda

            A) Aeromonas enteropelogenes

            (B) Aeromonas piscicola

             (C) Vibrio parahaemolyticus

             (D) Edwardsiella tarda

10.  Feeding habit of whale shark is

             (A)  Carnivorous

             (B) Omnivorous

             (C) Filter feeders

            (D) Herbivorous

Aquaculture and Fisheries Science objective questions for JRF/SRF/NET/ARS Exams


     11. Hairy frogfish scientific name is

        A) Antennarius striatus

       B) Echinophryne crassispina

       C) E. reynoldsi

       D) Rhycherus filamentosus

12. Therapeutic index of a drug is a measure of its

   A) Dose variability

   B) Safety

   C) Efficacy

  D) Potency

13. Which of the following is the secondary biological database





14.  Great Barrier reef spread area is

  A) 144,000 square miles       

 B). 152,000 square miles

 C) 133,000 square miles        

 D) 164,000 square miles

15 . pKa of a compound is define as

A)   Time in which whole compound is ionized         

B)   pH of compound at which it is 50% ionized

C)   pH of the solution at which the compound

is 50% ionized

    D)    time in which the compound is solubilize

   16.  Group of  Dolphin  also is known as

           A) Sod      

           B) cod

         C) Kod       

         D) Pod

 17. The decimal reduction time is known as ……….........

         A) D

         B) F

        C) Z

        D) F0

18. The best material that can be used for packaging of bulk dried fish is

A) Plywood boxes

B) Waxed corrugated containers

 C) Gunny bag

D) HDPE woven bags

19 The cost that ascends when the amount produced is incremented by one unit is

       A) Variable cost       

       B)  Marginal cost

       C)  Total cost

      D )  Fixed cost

20.  The formula of sedimentation coefficient (s) is

A)  a/t         

 B) v/t

C) s/t

D) Vt/a


Aquaculture and Fisheries Science objective questions for JRF/SRF/NET/ARS Exams


21. ----- is used to improve hatchability of fish eggs

(A) Thiamine hydrochloride

(B)  Calcium chloride

(C) Magnesium sulfate.

(D) Sodium sulfite

     22 Full Form of NOAA  is

A)  National Ocean and Atmospheric Agency

B)    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

C)   Norway Ocean and Atmospheric Administration

D)  National Open and Atmospheric Administration


      23. ---------- is used  to control of mortality connected with furunculosis,

           bacterial hemorrhagic septicemia, enteric redmouth, flexibacteriosis, and

              vibriosis in salmonids

          A)  35% hydrogen peroxide

B)  50% florfenicol

C)  Oxytetracycline hydrochloride

D)  Oxytetracycline dihydrate


24. The condition where air-bladder of fishes is connected through a functional pneumatic duct with the gut is called as

A) Physostomous

B) Physoclistous

C) Physostatis

D) Physoglotous


25. Labyrinthiform organs are present in

A) Monopterus javanensis       

B) Mastacembelus sp.

C) Trichogaster sp.

D) Bleopthalamus sp


26. Probiotics are commonly used in shrimp farming for

      A) Increasing oxygen level

     B) water quality management

    C) Increasing production

    D) Control of disease


27. Agriculture education day is celebrated on

   A) 3 December

   B) 17 April

   C) 22 May

   D) 22 June

28. Cleaner shrimp is

    A) L. amboinensis

   B) Hippolysmata vittata

   C) amboinensis de Man

   D) All the above

29. Yellow Head Virus genetic material is        

       A) ssRNA

       B) dsRNA

      C) ssDNA

      D) dsRNA


30. 4. Small areas of protein three-dimensional structure common among different proteins is

      A ) Domain

                B) Motif

               C) Protein fold

                D) Supersecondary Structure

Objective Questions  of Aquaculture and Fisheries Science 


     31.  IASRI is located at

          A) Cochin

          B) Mumbai

         C) Kolkata

          D) New Delhi

32.  Technique used for the intensification of multiple targets in a single PCR

         test run.

         (A) Hot star PCR

         (B) Nested PCR.

       (C) Multiplex PCR

       (D) Long-Range PCR

33. ------- ratio of the sample standard deviation to the sample mean.

         A) Coefficient of determination

        (B) Coefficient of  regression

        (C) Coefficient of Variation

        (D) Coefficient of standard deviation

 34. Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare is

          A) Shri Ramvilas Paswan

          B) Shri Arjun Munda

          C) Dr. Harsh Vardhan

           D) Narendra Singh Tomar

35 --------- simple approach software for analyzing trophic interactions in

                     fisheries resources systems

         A) Ecosystem Modelling software

          B) Trophic Modelling

         C) Ecopath software

         D) Ecosystem-Based software

36. National Panchayati Raj Day is celebrated on

              A) April 11             

          B) April 24       

C) April 23

                D) April 13               

37. Article 12 in the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (CCRF) is

         related to

        A) Fisheries management

        B) Integration of fisheries into coastal area management

       C) Post-harvest practices and trade

        D) Fisheries research

  38. ----------- aquatic animal produces their own sunscreen to protect from sunlight.

     A) Sea anoneme

     B) Gaint kelp

     C) Coral

     D) Certium

39. --------- country is also known as “Land of thousand lakes 

A) Sweden

B) Iceland

C) Norway

D) Finland

40.  Family of Haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) is

A) Achiropsettidae

B) Bathylutichthyidae

C) Gadidae

D) Halosauridae

Keywords: Aquaculture; Fisheries Science, objective questions. Multiple choice questions


Aquaculture and Fisheries Science objective questions for JRF/SRF/NET/ARS Exams

Objective Questions  of Aquaculture and Fisheries Science 

Answer KEY

1.     B 2. A 3. B 4. B 5 . D  6.  A  7. D 8.  C  9. D  10. C. 11.A 12. B 13.D14.C 15.B16. D 17.A 18. D 19.B 20 . D 21.D  22. B 23.D 24.  A 25.C  26.B  27.A 28. A  29 A.30. B  31.D  32. C 33.C  34.D  35.C 36.B  37. D 38.C  39.D 40 .C

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