Ph.D Fellowship in Fisheries Technology – DTU Aqua at Technical University of Denmark - will put forward the uniquely amalgamated information on key aspects of fisheries and aquaculture science such as Recent updates and News related with Fisheries under a single umbrella.


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Wednesday, 5 July 2023

Ph.D Fellowship in Fisheries Technology – DTU Aqua at Technical University of Denmark


Ph.D Scholarship in Fisheries Technology – DTU Aqua at Technical University of Denmark 

Ph.D Fellowship  in Fisheries Technology


In order to satisfy the world's need for seafood while preserving marine ecosystems, the fields of fisheries and aquaculture are essential. We are pleased to announce a variety of scholarships and fellowships that aim to aid aspirants in their pursuit of study and research in fisheries and aquaculture in light of the importance of this industry. 

Importance of Fisheries and Aquaculture:

Fisheries and aquaculture are essential to both the development of the global economy and the security of food. Due to the rising demand for seafood as a result of the expanding global population, it is crucial to strike a balance between resource use and environmental protection. We may improve sustainable practices, lessen environmental consequences, and encourage the responsible management of aquatic resources by funding the education and research of gifted persons.

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants are required to demonstrate their commitment to the field of fisheries and aquaculture through their academic performance, research experience, and dedication to sustainability. Key eligibility criteria include:

Academic excellence: Applicants must exhibit a strong academic record, typically with a minimum GPA requirement.

Field of study: Candidates should be enrolled in or planning to pursue degrees or research in fisheries, aquaculture, marine biology, oceanography, or related disciplines.

Sustainability focus: We value individuals who have a genuine interest in promoting sustainable practices, mitigating environmental impacts, and preserving marine resources.

Leadership potential: We seek candidates who possess leadership qualities, the ability to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams, and the potential to drive positive change in the field.

Letters of recommendation: Applicants must submit two or more letters of recommendation from academic or professional referees who can attest to their abilities and potential.

 Application Process and Selection:

Interested candidates are invited to submit a comprehensive application package by the stated deadline. This package typically includes a completed application form, a statement of purpose, a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume, official academic transcripts, and letters of recommendation. Additional supporting documents such as publications or certificates may also be included. The selection committee will review all applications and shortlist candidates based on their eligibility and the quality of their submissions. Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews or asked to provide further documentation. Final selections will be made based on the committee's evaluation.


Our scholarships and fellowships in fisheries and aquaculture provide a unique opportunity for talented individuals to advance their education and research in this critical field. By supporting these aspiring professionals, we aim to foster innovation, sustainable practices, and the conservation of marine resources. We encourage interested individuals to take advantage of this opportunity and submit their applications, and we appreciate your support in spreading the word among your network. Together, we can work towards a future where fisheries and aquaculture thrive in harmony with the environment.

Further information : 

 Contact Professor Barry O'Neill at, Head of Section Jordan Feekings at, or Researcher Valentina Melli at for more information.  Contact PhD Study Coordinator Susan Zumbach Johannesen at for further information on the PhD application in general.

Application procedure: 

The deadline for submitting your entire online application is August 15, 2023 (23:59 Danish time). Applications must be submitted as a single PDF file with all required elements in order to be taken into account. To apply, click the "Apply now" link, open the online application form, and add all of your English-language supporting documents as one PDF file. Included in the file must be:

  • A letter motivating the application (cover letter)
  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Grade transcripts and BSc/MSc diploma (in English) including official description of grading scale
  • Brief research proposal (1-2 pages) presenting ideas on how to address the research topics given in the short description of the PhD project above.
  • Recommendation letters from senior professionals are welcomed.

Ph.D Scholarship in Fisheries Technology – DTU Aqua at Technical University of Denmark 

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