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Sunday, 23 January 2022

Zara enterprise resource planning strategy and security system



ZARA enterprise resource planning strategy and security system



Company introduction and overview

Zara is one of the most famous fashion companies in the world. Balenciaga founded the company in 1975 with the primary goal of integrating customer needs into manufacturing and manufacturing, as well as marketing (Bonnin, 2002). Ortega and Castellanos believed that the use of computers to respond quickly to customers and brands spread across many countries, such as Oman, was crucial to the success of the type of business they wanted to start. In 2003, Zara was the only company that could deliver its outlets in just fourteen days when they were manufactured (510 in 35 countries) (Ghemawat, Nueno, & Dailey, 2003).

Company Information system & corporate strategy for e-business

Zara's information system was located in the leading area of ​​the strategic IT power system. This shows that Zara's management team realized that their business strategy was to increase the number of stores offering relatively short, quality items to fashion-conscious young city dwellers. Demand for reliability and business-critical computing was very low; he was only there to help people with their tasks. Zara may have put himself in danger by implementing a new point of sale system (Ives & Learmonth, 1984). Zara was working with a decentralized CD-based IT system, which hampered its ability to access critical data in connected databases. Irresponsible or vindictive workers are responsible for the majority of security breaches (Al-Mustfa, Fattouh, & Hashim, 2012). For Zara, the threat of a worker to the network is low; the worst-case scenario would be if they delete the sales figures from the previous day (Ferdows, Lewis, & Machuca, 2003). Since information is not actually transmitted to headquarters on a daily basis, attackers have fewer opportunities to break the computer for such a rudimentary method.

Enterprise resource planning strategy of ZARA

planning strategy of ZARA

Zara is well known for its ability to supply retailers with new clothing quickly or in limited quantities. The sales manager orders clothes twice a week. Usually, new clothes arrive at retailers three times a week at a certain time (West & Sparks, 2004). Zara does this by controlling more of its distribution network than her contemporaries. The inventory control used by Zara allows retail managers to communicate to customers what they want, what they want and what they don't like. Zara designers are doing new things based on this information from the ERP.

Ethical, social and political issues

For decades, the fashion industry has been characterized by the issue of sweatshops. Ethical Manufacturing Exchange is a mechanism that allows garment companies and other industries around the world to exchange financial information about subcontractors (Hale & Shaw, 2001). The United States Attorney General must provide specific compensation and ensure that consumers do not use the company to plan and attempt to deceive competitors (Seo & Suh, 2019). Socially, professional clients now know that if they do the right thing, the Fair Industries platform will record their violations and warn other participants, allowing them to ignore the abusive activity. As all Zara deliveries take place through two facilities, including Oman, the company is vulnerable to any disruption in the region (Seo & Suh, 2019). The climate, environmental disasters, terrorists, strikes and political instability are examples. Zara does not have a contingency plan due to the problems in Oman.

Suggestions in the context ZARA-OMAN to improving security system

Wireshark and Ivideon Server are the greatest tools for enhancing security. The following items are especially utilized for security practices of ZARA: Ten Dell PowerEdge 860 servers make up one rack server and one Dell PowerEdge T100 Tower server available. One SonicWALL T2170 firewall.

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